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Serving the Way      
Free books, free Bible and other programs, free Bible schools and college.
Category: Christian Writings
Know My Story      
A movement of young people who have found hope and are using their stories to being hope to others. THe people in this website speak honestly, about the human experience, the triumphs and struggles. These stories give hope.
Category: Christian Lifestyle
SSDC Missions      
Free Missionary Training is totally free, no hidden fees or agendas!
Category: Christian Lifestyle
This website has great prices on Church suits for men women and boys They also have clergy robes choir robes and usher uniforms Can fill large orders for robes and uniforms
Category: Christian Shopping >> Christian Internet
christian business opportuntiy      
Here is a Free to Join Christian Business Opportunity, spread the word of God and earn $10,000 +_ per month at the same time. http://www.scriptures4us.com/mustang88 up top is the site to go to .to sign up for free. no membership fees to join up.
Category: Christian Business & Church
New Covenant International Bible College      
New Covenant International Bible College is an institute without walls, proclaiming the world as our classroom. Dedicated to providing students with quality and affordable education programs to be effective in Christian service and prepared to reach the world for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.We offer certificate, diploma and degree programs. Earn an accredited degree 100% online or by correspondence. Visit our website and check out our monthly specials!
Category: Christian Education Sites >> Universities, Schools, Seminaries
Christian Issues You Tube      
Various videos on Christian subjects.
Category: Christian Mission
Northwestern Theological Seminary      
Online Seminary Degrees.. 98% LESS than Private Universities Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate M.Div. or Ph.D. in just months not years Online OPEN Enrollment Each Month Apply Now.www.NorthwesternSeminary.com
Category: Christian Education Sites >> Universities, Schools, Seminaries
Christian Issues      
Christian writings on various doctrines but focusing on a holy walk.
Category: Christian Writings
Northwestern Christian University      
Online University Degrees.. 98% LESS than Private Universities 90-day accelerated Degree Programs Thru PLA: Prior Learning Assessment Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate. Online Open Enrollment Each Month. Apply Now $59 to enroll this month only! www.NorthwesternChristianUniversity.com
Category: Christian Education Sites >> Universities, Schools, Seminaries
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