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Gospel Translation  Featured     
Christian translation services into all languages.
Category: Christian Shopping >> Christian Internet
Learn Haitian Creole  Featured     
Learn Haitian Creole
Category: Christian Books & Publishing >> Bibles
Free PDF Bible study; Christian history for soldiers of the Cross  Featured     
Free PDF Bible study covers Bible doctrine, Christian history, and how to live the Christian life
Category: Christian Mission
Jesus Christ street mission  Featured     
A Christian mission that mainly hands out flyers with a Christian message in cities and town around the world, mostly in Europe and India
Category: Christian Mission
Hillebrand Ministires  Featured     
Randy and Annette Hillebrand are involved in leadership training of church leaders and their wives. They live in Ukraine and travel to the countries of Eurasia where Randy’s focus is helping church leaders and/or church planters to rethink church issues. The goal is to have them take a critical look at their current church or future church plant, reexamining, reevaluating and then revamping as needed. Randy’s goal is to help church leaders look at the Scriptures afresh to determine if biblical truth or tradition has the greatest influence in their churches. On this website Randy offers the books he has written for teaching, “Building a Dynamic Church,” and, “Evangelism: How to Mobilize Your Church,” free of charge in English, Russian, French and Farsi. Annette’s goal in training leaders’ wives is to help them understand their role as wives of church leaders. In her training sessions she covers topics such as dealing with the physical demands of ministry, handling the burdens of ministry, not falling prey to the success syndrome, forgiving others, handling loneliness, four models for marriage, maintaining your marriage, being a good mother, hospitality, money matters, discipling and counseling women, as well as practicing the spiritual disciplines. For most of her lessons she uses the book, “One with a Shepherd,” by Mary Somerville (with permission).
Category: Christian Mission
This website has great prices on Church suits for men women and boys They also have clergy robes choir robes and usher uniforms Can fill large orders for robes and uniforms
Category: Christian Shopping >> Christian Internet
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Category: Christian Writings
Christian Issues      
Christian writings on various doctrines but focusing on a holy walk.
Category: Christian Writings
Serving the Way      
Free books, free Bible and other programs, free Bible schools and college.
Category: Christian Writings
SSDC Missions      
Free Missionary Training is totally free, no hidden fees or agendas!
Category: Christian Lifestyle
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